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Sunglasses and Headphones

Audio Replay

Look to this page for downloadable/streamable clips of our shows.

03/29/2023-Hump Day with Mo Mo

Get Over your Hump-Day Drudge!

3-29-23 MoMo ShowMonique Runzer
00:00 / 1:10:13

NOTE CONCERNING TODAY'S SHOW: Our recording server was experiencing internet issues so some of Monique's voice may sound a little under water at times.  This may be a result of her recent road-trip to Florida, in search of the Giant Sea Snail!

Audio from 3/11/2023 7th Annual Rock n' Revival for a Cure Interviews (Audio has been edited for time constraint)

3-11-23 Rock n Revival Newport KY Interviews(Rooster Radio)
00:00 / 1:11:27

DJ Christian D's Mixy-Mix 03/16/2023

3-16-23 DJ Christian D Show

Talk about a talented young man!  Christian sings, dances, and mixes up some of the best old school funk around.

Let's Welcome our Newest Show
"Street Team Radio"

STR Logo.jpg

Due to size constraints, we'll be presenting Street Team Radio as a static video file.  Simply PLAY to hear the show.

Our Newest Band Interviews

You asked for them and we got them!  Band interviews by your requests:

Pohlman Lanes & F.E.C. 03/03/2023

Joe Cowels BandJoe Cowels One on One Interview
00:00 / 28:39
Steve Schmitt BandSteve Schmitt Interview
00:00 / 19:35
Casey & the Nobody'sChris Casey Interview
00:00 / 14:09
The Inturns BandDavid Taylor Interview
00:00 / 11:15
Chronic Aggression BandMark Holman Interview
00:00 / 17:04
Dallas Moore at Pohlman Lanes & FEC

What a show!  Dallas Moore played at Pohlman Lanes & F.E.C. on Friday, Feb 24.   Here's some interviews we got in between sets.

Dallas Moore Interviews

02/04/2023 Samantha Blackwell Strauss Gallery Interviews
(New Views Art Exhibition)

2-4-23 Samantha Black Well Strauss Gallery New Views ArtSamantha Blackwell
00:00 / 11:34

01-27-23 Live on the Lanes

CFG & The Family Live Interviews at Pohlman's Family Entertainment Center

1-27-23 Brett Wolter Interviews 1Brett Wolter
00:00 / 21:37
Brett Wolter Interviews Pt. 2Brett Wolter
00:00 / 28:52
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