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Audio Replay

Look to this page for downloadable/streamable clips of our shows.

01-27-23 Live on the Lanes

CFG & The Family Live Interviews at Pohlman's Family Entertainment Center

1-27-23 Brett Wolter Interviews 1Brett Wolter
00:00 / 21:37
Brett Wolter Interviews Pt. 2Brett Wolter
00:00 / 28:52

02/01/2023-Hump Day with Mo Mo

Audio Replay of Mo Mo's Hump-Day show all the way from Florida!

2-1-23 MOMO - Show 05Monique Runzer
00:00 / 1:04:19

12/13/2022 - 17Strong
Caroling Event - Millikin Woods

LIVE from the first annual 17Strong Community Christmas Caroling Event held in Millikin Woods Park, Tues. 12/13/22.

Santa was there, the event was full of community residents and those that joined us on the Westside for the excitement.  What a great night for the community to gather, greet Santa, enjoy cookies & hot chocolate and have group caroling fun  Several interviews are in the audio including David Stark, Santa, Monique Runzer, and Mr. Shook himself.

Note: Recording is a bit rough in spots due to the crown size and audible excitement that was in the air


Christmas Caroling Event Replay17Strong
00:00 / 26:34

James Paul was killin' it with his open mic night as you can tell by all the background noise in our short live remote.  We apologize but the joint was jumping we winged it without BBQ Sauce and made it happen anyway!  We talked with Mo, Shook, Shawna, Travis and maybe even more?  It was a tie for Lounge 24's chili cook-off so we are anxiously awaiting a winner.

Lounge 24 Live RemoteRooster Radio
00:00 / 05:37

12/04/2022 - LIVE from Lounge 24

12/03/2022 - LIVE with the Krampus at CoExist/Posh Pagan

We went, we witnessed and we actually  were able to hex the Krampus so he couldn't take us but, we also got it to talk as we were live from "The Alternative Path-Coexist Meet & Greet with the Krampus.  We talked withg a lot of fun people and local resident Sam and her family and friends.

Live with The KrampusRooster Radio
00:00 / 13:07

Part 1- Interviews with Brett Wolter (Local Photographer); Marina (Strauss Gallery Gift Shop) and Travis Snell (Local Artist)

Part 2 - Interview with Dr. David Stark (Dir of Artspace/Strauss Gallery); Jay Kidd (Prop Mgr & Gallery Mgr); Brett Wolter

Part 3 - Interviews with DJ Christian D (13 y/o Local DJ); Pat Moeller (Hamilton, Ohio Mayor)

Part 4 - Joshua Addams with Brett Wolter

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